Bracelets Pentactive Neo

Style. Beauty. Benefits.

The power of 5 elements guards your health


The power of 5 elements

Positively charged
ions of nanosilver
Anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects. Destroy up to 650-700 types of pathogenic microbes, viruses, and fungi.
Healing infrared
Normalize metabolism and tissue regeneration thanks to interacting with molecules of water in the skin.
Negatively charged
ions of oxygen
Give energy and vitality. Increase the levels of serotonin, improve mood, stimulate mental and physical activity.
magnetic waves
Improve sleep and normalize blood pressure, prevent inflammation and pain in joints and muscles.
Germanium electrones
200 PPM
Provide oxygen to cells, while stimulating them to produce energy, improve immune system.

Stylish design and nanotechnologies

Bracelet Pentactive Neo Black Matte
For men
No compromises
Bracelet Pentactive Neo Silver Lock
For women
Bracelet Pentactive Neo Gold Lock
For women
Bracelet Pentactive Neo Black Lock
For women
Style and benefits in one superpowerful titanium alloy.
Four unique designer solutions for any event in your life: be it a morning jog, or a midnight party.
For anyone who would like to be healthy and active throughout all their life.

Bracelets Pentactive Neo

Normalizes blood
Have anti-viral
Give energy and relieve
Reduce the consequences
of stress
Have anit-bacterial


Anastasia Maksutova, Russia
«My husband gave me PENTAKTIV NEO. I'm so happy! I like the this stylish bracelet and it is also good for my health. I spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen, but this bracelet helps me save my energy and work better.»
Irina Selyukova, Russia
«Wonderful stylish design. Looks so good on my wrist! I wear the black one for women every day. It relieves tension, helps to deal with serious pressure during my dancing trainings. Just a great gift!»
Alla Bogatyreva, Russia
«I love these bracelets! They are so light, so gorgeous, so modern! And wearing them is such a pleasure! And don't forget the benefits. These bracelets are always with me. When I wear them, I can't help noticing how nice they look.»
Alexandr Petukhov, Russia
«At first I was attracted by design: unusual, and very, very stylish! And then I realized its effect: it's become much easier to deal with pressures. I don't have any health issues, but I'm all for prevention, because my parents had cardio-vascular diseases.»
Dzhamilya Mirahmedova, Uzbekistan
«I'm 60 years old, and I've been wearing PENTACTIVE NEO bracelets for one year, and the results are amazing! In the evening, I put on a bracelet, and in just one hour I felt so energetic, the headache was gone. I have a strong immune system, great mood, and now I feel a lot better during flights!»
Larisa Kuslitskaya, Russia
«Light, stylish, look like a piece of jewellery + amazing healing effect: strengthens the immune system, normalizes blood pressure, and helps to prolong active years. I wear them with great pleasure every day and I feel wonderful. And this is also a perfect present. I recommend this to everyone, especially now, when the New Year is coming!»
Antoaneta Ignatova, Bulgaria
«I wear all three types of PENTAKTIVE NEO bracelets - golden, silver, and black, depending on my outfit. Bracelets have become an indispensable part of my style, and give me energy and peace of mind. They've become my second skin.»
Pepa Ignatova, Bulgaria
«I presented the new black PENTACTIVE NEO bracelet to my daughter; she is a professional pianist. When she put it on and played, she confessed that the pain she always felt while playing the piano was gone. Also the bracelet looks so elegant. I wear the gold one; it protects me from stress during the day.»